Alumni of Bury Friendly Orchestra

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Our co-founders:
Sally Haslewood                             Otto Schreier

Two more of our former members, sadly missed.
On 26th September 2023, we gathered in the dining room after our rehearsal for refreshments and savoury/sweet canape-style nibbles (kindly provided by Olive's son-in-law Tony) to toast the lives of our two honorary members Olive Endersbee and Lawford Smith.  See photos rfom the event here.

Olive Endersbee                                        Lawford Smith

Christopher Moore, our former conductor        Nicki Lancaster, our former leader

​​​​​Nic Wright, a clarinettist and founder member, sadly passed away in December 2023. Our performance of Sibelius's Karelia Suite at our 2024 Spring Concert was dedicated to him.
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